Saturday, July 26, 2014

US States I Have Sent To

Countries I Have Sent To

US States I Have Received From

Countries I Have Received From

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sent Postcard Designs 11-20

Postcard Design #11
Maine Pictorial Map

Postcard US-2758603
          -Sent to gruselkatze in Hamburg, Germany
          -Traveled 3,501 miles in (Pending: Sent 4/24)
          -Postage Stamp: 2013 Global Forever
          -Handcarved Stamp: Bat
          -Sticker: Hedgehog

Monday, March 24, 2014

Received Postcards 1-10

Postcard #1

This postcard of Goldens is the first official Postcrossing postcard I have received. And a wonderful one at that! I have a Golden Retriever and always appreciate a good golden photo. I can't stop looking at this. Too cute! It was sent from Scranton, which is the setting of The Office (US) as well a a notable place on my many road trips to Florida until I was 17 (I started flying after that). In fact, I have spent the night there before! Small world :)

Postcard US-2697662
          - Received from Letokash in Scranton, PA
          - Traveled 344 miles in 3 days (March 19-22, 2014)

Postcard #2
This postcard is a beautiful map of Finland. Finland holds a spot in my heart as my great grandfather (who died shortly after I was born) was born there. My last name is Finnish as well. I am trying to learn more about Finland, so it was fitting that the first international postcard I have ever received is from Finland. Loving the Hello Kitty stickers, nice touch :D

Postcard FI-2046410
          -Received from Mutsi1 in Turku, Finland
          -Traveled 3,716 miles in 7 days (March 17-24, 2014)

Postcard #3
This awesome postcard is of Penny, Rufus, and Teddy. It is a scene from Disney's "The Rescuers". In Germany it is apparently called "Bernard & Bianca". I had just re-watched this about a week before receiving this. I wish the USA had classic Disney postcards. Pretty stamp and unique postmark as well. :)

Postcard DE-3012667
          -Received from Lemmine in Munster, Germany
          -Traveled 3,454 miles in 5 days (March 21-26, 2014)

Postcard #4

This is a cool postcard of Prague, Czech Republic the capitol. It is quite beautiful. It was nice to see it as I honestly do not know much, if anything about the country. The postcard is exactly double the size of a standard postcard, which was unique. The stamp is quite beautiful and also larger than I have seen; about four times larger than US stamps.

Postcard CZ-421547
          -Received from Mrohelova in Tabor, Czech Republic
          -Traveled 3,808 miles in 11 days (March 20-31, 2014)

Postcard #5
This is a map of Russia with the animals that occupy it. It is quite beautiful and charming. The stamps are wonderful as well.

Postcard RU-2560717
          -Received from Juliana_Z in Novosibirsk, Russia
          -Traveled 5,413 miles in 10 days (March 28-April 7, 2014)

Postcard #6
Very sweet postcard of a bunny and puppy. The stamps are great as well.

Postcard PL-873869
          -Received from pam0 in Szczecin, Poland
          -Traveled 3,674 miles in 5 days (April 2-7, 2014)

Postcard #7
Totoro! Isn't he adorable and handsome?! Beautiful stamp that makes me think of a vacation.

Postcard TW-1226916
          -Received from Chin-Yen in Taipei, Taiwan
          -Traveled 7,619 miles in 7 days (April 9-16, 2014)

Postcard #8
This tulip postcard reads "That happiness is the only thing that multiplies when it is shared" in German (according to Google Translate). Very sweet :)

Postcard DE-3083572
          -Received from MicSeb in Butzbach, Germany
          -Traveled 3,538 miles in 5 Days (April 12-17, 2014)

Postcard #9

Views of beautiful Ghent, Belgium which is 1 hour from Herentals. The stamp is neat how it is made up of words. Also, the postmark is cute how it has a little envelope on it. Love the plane on the priority sticker.

Postcard BE-277954
          -Received from Mieke1985 in Herentals, Belgium
          -Traveled 3,365 miles in 7 days (April 14-21, 2014)

Recieved Postcrossing Thank You Postcards 1-10

These are postcards I have received from postcrossers who I sent to and were sweet to send me a card back even though it was not required.

Postcard #1

Postcard #1
          - Received from jtills in Van Dyne, Wisconsin, USA
          - Traveled 928 miles in 4 days (3/18-3/21)